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Google Adwords Experiment Beta (How To)

If you’ve ever wanted an easy way to track a change and see how it effects the performance of your PPC campaigns you’re in luck.  Google has launched Experiment Beta, a way to split test things like new keywords, bids, adgroups, and placements and find out how they effect your traffic, costs, CPC, CPA, & other crucial metrics.

How to Setup Experiment Beta

—–1) If you have a specific keyword or adgroup that you would like to begin a split test you are first going to want to head to your “Settings” Tab

—–2) Then scroll to the bottom of the settings and click  the “+” to expand the settings

—–3) Here you will have some simply settings to setup to get your test started.  Once your settings are the way you want click “Save”

—–4) Now you are going to want to go make some experimental changes to your account.  For this example I’m going to go to my keywords tab

—–5) Now you are going to see your keywords accompanied with a different Icon next to them, this is a reminder that this is currently being experimented with.  Now to actually show your experiment options you need to click on the “Segment” drop down and click on “Experiment”

—–6) Now for this example I’m going to do some bid changes.  Lets take a look at my current stats and figure out what my goals of this experiment are going to be.

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Now with this keyword I’m currently showing at Avg Position of 4.3, conversion rate at 24.72%, and Cost Per Conversion of $1.99.  I want to know whether increasing my bid and the average position will increase my traffic and still convert at the 25% conversion rate that I currently have.

—–7) So now I’m going to edit my experimental bid.  I’ve increased my experiment bid by 40% to $0.84

—–8)Now that the experimental bid is set you are going to want to go back to the “Settings” Tab, scroll to the bottom and click “Start Running Experiment”

Now your all set!  Your experiment will be running and you will be able to view your results as time goes by.  Eventually you will have enough data to see which settings work best.

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