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Show your PPC Ads on the iPad

With Apple’s release of the iPad and the 300,000 sold on the first day you might want to consider showing your PPC Ads on this new device.

ppc ads on ipad

Here’s how to make sure your PPC ads are showing in the new iPad.

1) Login to your Adwords Account

2) Click on the Settings tab

3) Under “Networks and Devices” select “Let me choose…”

4) Make sure to check “All mobile devices”


The only downside is that you are also having to show your Ads on all mobile devices so make sure you website is compatible.  Google is working hard to fix this so you can target only the iPad.

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Adwords on your Phone?

Just in case you didn’t already spend enough time working on your ppc accounts Google has announced Adwords for your mobile device.  You will have access to alerts, statistics, and the ability to make changes on the go!

adwords on cellphone

It’s advised you customize your account before using Adwords on your phone by logging into your account on your computer and choosing specific items you want to monitor closely(budgets, impressions, clicks, etc).

Adwords mobile was created so you can quickly access the essentials of your account so if you need full access you are going to need to switch over to the desktop version.  As of now Adwords Mobile will be used as the default for a select amount of English language advertisers.  If you want to try adwords mobile now make sure to direct your Android, iPhone, or Palm Pre to http://adwords.google.com/dashboard/Dashboard.

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