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Setting Up Adwords Conversion Tracking

Tracking conversion is extremely important. If you don’t know what is converting you are wasting money!

With Adwords conversion tracking you can see exactly which campaign, adgroup, keyword, Ad, and search phrase that is either driving your leads or sales… I cannot stress how important this is…

You’d be amazed if you saw how many new accounts I begin to manage, that spend tens of thousands a month and don’t have tracking installed.

So if you don’t have conversion tracking installed, install it NOW, heres how.

1. Login to your Google Adwords Account
2. Navigate to the “Reporting” Tab

3. Select “Conversions” on the drop down menu


4.  Select “New Action”


5. Type in the name of the action you would like to track and select from the drop down the type of action.  For this example we are going to setup a newletter lead, which is a sign up.


6. Click “Save and Continue”

7. You will now be taken to the Conversion Code Settings.

  • Page Security Leve: Security level is based on the level of security on your thank you page, if you are not sure I would leave it on HTTP.
  • Revenue for your Conversion: If you have a value that each conversion is worth for you, you can enter it here.
  • Page Language: Select the language for your thank-you page
  • Text format and Color: I would just leave these on the default values


8.  Click “Save and get Code”

9.  Copy the code that is provided to you and place it between the body tags on your thank you page.


That’s it, your done.  Now when someone comes through an Adwords Ad and completes a conversion it will show up in your account and you will be able to see exactly which keyword converted for you.

After running for a while you will start to see trends in what works and what doesn’t, this is where the real optimization of your campaigns begins.

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Check Ads in any Geographic Location

Today I was browsing the wealthy affiliate forum and came across this question

My question: : I’m trying to check out the competition surrounding some keywords I’m researching. But even though it shows me that a word has 4/5 competition I can’t see any adwrds adds when searching google.

I figured it has something to do with the fact that I’m situated in Israel. I use google.com but I suspect that google still knows i’m not in the U.S

How can i see the relevant geographical ads? If I’m even making sense.

So here is how you can check out your competition or see if your Ads are running in a specific location.

1. Log into your Adwords account.

2. Click on the “Opportunities” tab, which used to be the “Tools” tab


3. In the left hand column, under the “Tools” section, click on “More tools…”
4. Under the “Analyze your Ads Performance” section, click on the “Ads Preview Tool”
5. You will end up on the Ads Preview Tool where you can type in your keyword and location and see what Ads are being shown.


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Find Disapproved Ads in Adwords

1. Navigate to your Campaigns Tab
Adwords Campaign Tab

2. Then click on your Ads Tab
adwords ads tab

3. Find the “Filter and Views” drop down on the right hand side of the Adwords interface
adwords filter and views

4. Click the “Filter and Views” drop down and select “Filter Ads”
adwords filter and views filter ads

5. A filter will then show above all of your Ads
adwords ads filter

6. Click on the drop down menu and select “Approval Status”
adwords approval status filter

7. Now our main goal is to find all disapproved Ads, so yes, click only the “Disapproved” check box
adwords approval status disapproved

8. It will then filter all of your Ads and only show you which Ads are disapproved
adwords disaproved ads

9. You can now hover your mouse over the comment box and see the reason for disaproval
adwords disaproved ads popup

10. Below are a few common disaproval reasons. Fix these and your Ads should show up just fine
adwords disapproved ads pop upadwords disapproved ads capitalization
adwords disapproved ads trademark

Thats it! Now it is very important that you do this often, especially if you have a lot of campaigns and adgroups. If you have Ads that are disapproved your campaign and/or Adgroups may not be running at all because you have no Ads that are meeting Google Adwords Policy.

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