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Find Adwords Search Phrases(Terms)

When running a campaign with Broad or Phrase match keywords you really need to monitor things closely if you care about your money at all.  Our good friends over at Google like to “guess” what search phrases we want to show for the keywords we bid on, and unfortunately, they aren’t always relevant.

Until recently you would have to go to the “Reports” tab to be able to run this custom report.  Now they’ve made it easier.

Here’s how to Find Search Phrases that are Triggering your Keywords and Ads…

1.  Click into the campaign and adgroup that contains the keyword(s) you would like to check.  I usually start out with the highest spending keyword, as this is what you are spending the majority of your money on.

2.  Click the checkbox next to the keyword(s)Adwords Keyword Checkbox

3.  Navigate to the “See Search Terms…” dropdown adwords see search terms dropdown

4.  Click on the dropdown  and select “Selected” if you have selected 1 or more keywords, or “All” if you want to see search phrases for all keywords adwords see search terms selected

5. You will then be taken to the “Search Term” report.  This will show you exactly what each person typed in to trigger your Ad for the specific keyword that you selected earlier.  See Adwords explanation below.

Your ads appeared when people searched on the terms below. These search terms were matched to your ads based on the keywords in your ad groups.
Note: Reports exclude keywords with no clicks. To ensure your report has data, first select a date range in which at least some of your keywords have clicks. Next, sort by clicks on the Keywords tab and select keywords that have received at least one click, or run this report for “All keywords.”

adwords search phrase report

6. Now you can select each search phrase by check the box next to it and either add it as a new keyword, or add it as a negative. In the example above, you can see the green and red boxes, this is where I added my negative keywords and new keywords. adwords add keyword negative

I’ve noticed there is usually a 2 day delay before you can see the data, so you can’t run a report for the day before.  Also I would do this exercise at least once a week, you will be amazed at the search phrases that you will see…

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Adwords: Which Day of the Week Converts Best

Once your campaigns have gathered enough conversion data it is beneficial to know what day of the week converts best for you campaign.  This optimization technique is great for reducing spend and cost per acquisition(CPA) as well as increase overall performance of your campaigns.

When trends start to appear you can take advantage of Google Adwords Ad Scheduling which will enable you to only show Ads on the time and days you choose.

Here’s how you can figure out which day of the week converts best for your campaigns.

1. Click on the “Reportings” tab drop down


2. Select “Reports” on the drop down menu


3. Click “Create a new report”


4.  Select the following for your report settings

  • Report Type: Campaign Performance
  • Settings:
    1. View(Unite of time): Day of the Week
    2. Date Range: All time(or whatever date range you choose)
    3. Campaigns: All Campaigns or any campaign(s) you would like to see
  • Advance Settings:  Add or Remove Columns – Make sure you include “Conversion” “Conversion Rate” and “Cost/Conversion” and all other data that is important to you
  • Name your template whatever you like


5. Click “Create Report”


6. You will now be taken to the Report Center, wait for your report to finish then click on the report you just created to view the data


Sample Report:


As you can see from the sample report, Saturday is my best day.  Now go run this report on your campaigns and see which day of the week converts best for you!

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