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Hitler Gets Slapped by Google

This has absolutely no educational value but it gave me a laugh and I hope it will do the same for you!

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Negative Keywords – Success & Failure

Today, a tale of two clients and their Negative Keywords. A story of success and failure, and the reason why….

Client #1:

Terrence spends $70,000 a month on AdWords (quite profitably, I might add) and one day last month his webmaster printed out the web stats that show all the different search phrases that actually brought people to his website.

He spent some time combing through the list and made a huge list of negative keywords.

The next month his sales stayed exactly the same and his spend dropped to $40,000 a month. 40% down, overnight.

Hey, it doesn’t matter whether you’re spending $70,000 or just $70 per month, a 40% cost reduction is a big deal! This guy was already dominating his market… and now he’s unstoppable.

Client #2:

William spends $9,000 a month on AdWords, also quite profitably, thank you very much. He did pretty much the same thing – a big exhaustive list of negative keywords – and he dropped his spend down to $6,000.

But his sales dropped even MORE than that. 33% cost savings, and maybe 40% dent in sales. Oops… better get rid of those negative keywords.

OK…. so what was going on?

Here’s the difference: Terrence, who saved a ton of dough, identified a number of completely different itches that people want to scratch, with very similar keywords. Identify the negative keywords because THOSE people ain’t NEVER gonna buy.

William’s product has very broad appeal in a market where potential buyers could come from almost anywhere. They could even come from outside the niche and still be interested. William needs to buy as much traffic as he can reasonably get and not really worry too much about the negative keywords – actually only a few.

Situations where negative keywords stop wasted clicks – very common. Everybody should have negative keywords. Situations where negative keywords hurt – less common. But it happens. When you make major changes, pay close attention and be ready to back off if the strategy isn’t working.

Written by Perry Marshall


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Google Adwords Contact Information / Customer Service

Phone Number: 1-866-2-GOOGLE

Email: Adwords Email

Chat: Live Chat – Only available at certain times

Help Center: Find Answer at Google Adwords Help Center

google adwords logo

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Adwords Campaign Settings (My Suggestions)

When setting up a new campaign there are some settings that need to be changed in order to get the most out of your money.  A lot of times these settings are ignored, or left on the defaults, and performance is affected.

Once your in your Campaign click on the “Settings” tab adwords campaign settings tab. You will be taken to the “Campaign Settings” screen(seen below)

adwords campaign settings screen

Lets work our way down and go over everything we can change…


  • Campaign name: Name your campaigns whatever you like, make it relevant and not too long.

adwords general settings

Locations, Languages, and Demographics

  • Locations: This is where you can set where you want your Ads to show.  This is very important for local business that only want to show in there state or city.  This can also be used if you figure out which location converts best for your campaign.  This can be setup by cities, metros, states or regions, zip codes, latitude/longitude, and custom shapes you draw on the map.
  • Languages: Here is where you set the language(s) that you want your Ads to show for.
  • Demographics:  This feature is only available if you a running in the content network.  Here you can choose the demographics for your Ads – Choose gender, age, income, etc.

adwords locations languages demographic settings

Networks, devices, and extensions

  • Networks (very important):  Here is where you setup where your Ads are going to show.  Your Ads can show on Google, on Google’s search partner sites, & on the content network.  By default all are selected, but this is a big mistake… you never want to run a campaign in all 3 together.  ALWAYS turn off the content network, if you want to run in the content network, duplicate the Campaign and turn off the search network and only run in the content.
  • Devices: This is where you choose what types of devices your Ads should show for.  Computers, laptops, iPhones & other mobile devices.  It all depends on your site but you are most likely going to want to only show on Computers & Laptops.  If you want to show on iPhones and other mobile devices make sure your website runs properly on these, otherwise you are just wasting money.  Of course “All Available Devices” is the default setting so make sure you change this if your website is not compatible with phones.
  • Ad extensions:  If you have a Google Merchant account this is where you can connect it to your Adwords account and enable Adwords Product Extensions

adwords networks devices extensions settings

Bidding and Budget

  • Bidding option: This is where you can set whether you want to run manual bidding or automatic bidding.  I ALWAYS do manual bidding, otherwise you are giving Google the go-ahead to spend your money however they want… not a smart approach in my opinion.
  • Budget: Here is where you can set your daily budget for this campaign.  Remember, just because you have a daily budget set, Google Adwords states Google may allow up to 20% more clicks in a day than your daily budget specifies. Over a given billing period, however, you’ll never be charged more than your daily budget allows.”
  • Position Preference, Delivery Method: I usually leave position preference off because I have found it not to be accurate, just edit your keyword bids to adjust to the position you would like to show in.  Delivery method lets you set whether you want your Ads to show 100% of the time until your daily budget is spent or whether you want your Ads to show evenly throughout the day.  I usually have it set to accelerate to show 100% of the time.

adwords bidding budget settings

Advanced settings

  • Schedule, Start Date, End Date, & Ad Scheduling:  Here you can setup your campaign to start & end on specific dates so you don’t have to manually start or stop them.  Also you can setup Ad Scheduling where you can select specific days and hours of the day you want your Ads to show.
  • Ad Delivery, Ad rotation, & frequency capping:  I like to always run 2 Ads per Adgroup.  This allows for A/B testing, after running for some time you can then evaluate your Ads and see which has the higher conversion rate.  You can then pause the under-performing Ad and create a new variation.  If you want to do a correct A/B test where 50% of the time the traffic is shown Ad A, and 50% of the traffic is shown Ad B, turn on “Rotate: Show ads more evenly”.  If you want Adwords to evaluate your Ads for you and show the better performing Ad more often then enable “Optimize: Show better performing ads more often

adwords advanced settings

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Adding Negative Keywords to your Adwords Campaign

1. Click on the “Opportunities” Tab adwords-opportunities-tab

2. In the left hand column under Tools click “More tools…”


3.  Click on “Edit Campaign Negative Keywords” – This is where you can manage your negative keywords which helps reduce wasted click on unwanted search terms.

adwords edit campaign negative keywords

4.  Select the campaign that you would like to add negative keywords to and click “Go”.

adwords campaign dropdown

5.  Enter the negative keywords that you would like to apply and click “Add Keywords”

adwords enter negative keywords

6.  Once you add your negative keywords you will see them show up below under the “Manage existing campaign negative keywords in (campaign)”

adwords manage existing negative keywords

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