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Adwords Misconception #1 – Competitors Clicking on Your Ads?

Recently the Google Adwords Blog has released some common misconceptions about your Adwords Account.  In addition, I figured I would put together a few that I’ve run into when dealing with new clients.

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Misconception #1: Your competitors are clicking on your Ads repetitively and running up your Click Costs!

Wrong! With Click Costs ranging from $0.20 to over $50 it would put any business in jeopardy of shady competitors.  If Adwords let this happen then Google would be in some hot water!

There are many detection and filtering techniques in place to prevent click fraud.

How does Google detect invalid clicks?

Detection and filtering techniques: Each click on an AdWords ad is examined by our system. Google looks at numerous data points for each click, including the IP address, the time of the click, any duplicate clicks, and various other click patterns. Our system then analyzes these factors to try to isolate and filter out potentially invalid clicks before they ever reach your account reports. This detection and filtering occurs over a number of levels including the following:
- Real-time systems filter out activity fitting a profile of invalid behavior (such as excessively repetitive clicks)
- Clicks and impressions from known sources of invalid activity are automatically discarded

Advanced monitoring techniques: Various unique and innovative methods are applied at each stage of the filtering process, thereby maximizing proactive detection of invalid activity. Our engineers are also constantly improving our monitoring technology, enhancing filters, and examining a growing set of signals.

The Google Team: In addition to our automated click protection techniques, we have a team that uses specialized tools and techniques to examine individual instances of invalid clicks. When our system detects potentially invalid clicks, a member of this team examines the affected account to glean important data about the source of the potentially invalid clicks.

Learn More About Invalid Clicks

How to Check for Invalid Clicks

1. Click on the “Campaigns” Tab

Adwords Campaign Tab

Adwords Campaign Tab

2. Click on the Columns


3. Make sure to select “Invalid Clicks” and “Invalid Click Rate”


4. Click “Save”

5. Now there should be 2 new column in your Adwords Interface for “Invalid Clicks” and “Invalid Click Rate”

What to do if You are Victim of Click Fraud?

Even though Google does have filters in line to catch click fraud it is not unlikely that some may make it through.  If you think you are a victim of click fraud you can contact google here and have them investigate.

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  1. TechuilaSMO says:

    Good article! This should give relief to many PPC advertisers.

  2. Brett Keeler says:

    Yeah, it is one of the top questions I get so I hope this will help anyone looking into PPC feel more comfortable with at least giving paid search a try.

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